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The Modern Drummer Hall of Fame Collection

The Modern Drummer Hall of Fame Museum is a private, invitation-only collection of some of the world’s most iconic drum kits. From Buddy Rich to Alex Van Halen and more. Below are just some of the historic drum kits on display.

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    Joe Morello’s Ludwig Super Classic Silver Sparkle Kit

    The kit shown here represents Joe Morello’s abiding sense of individuality. Where most of his jazz contemporaries in the 1950s and ’60s played Gretsch drums, Joe opted to go with Ludwig—a brand more closely associated with Ringo Starr, Ginger Baker, and other rock drummers of the day.

    In March of 2011, Andy Doerschuk wrote in DRUM! magazine, “By the late 1950s jazz drummers had transitioned from big band to small combo jazz, and in the process scaled down their kits with diminutive 18” bass drums. In contrast, Morello outfitted his four-piece kit with a booming 14” x 22” bass drum, as well as a 9” x 13” rack tom and two 16” floor toms (all finished in a bold silver sparkle), with a 5” x 14” Ludwig Black Beauty or Super Sensitive metal snare drum. He clearly wanted to make a statement.”

    Buddy Rich stage played Slingerland Drum Kit

    The Buddy Rich kit shown here was Buddy’s last kit as a Slingerland endorser. Buddy used this kit up until he made the transition over to Ludwig in 1978. The kit is complete with 9×13, (2) 16×16, 14×24, canister throne, cymbal stands, L arms (including the

    Rogers L arm for the splash cymbal), high hat stand, snare drum stand, and the original Rogers swiv-o-matic foot pedal that Buddy used.

    Ringo Starr signed Starr-Fest snare drum #15 of 15